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Bioconjugate and Antibody Drug Conjugate Manufacturing at GreenLight

Concept to GMP

At GreenLight we understand that there is no one solution to the development and manufacture of bioconjugates, every product brings its own set of challenges.

By bringing together GreenLight’s expertise and facilities in biopharmaceuticals and cytotoxic compounds we can get your development and manufacturing program to completion.

GreenLight offers:

  • Complete target to manufacturing service offering for all conjugation components including final conjugation
  • Access to a wide range of expertise and technology to streamline your bioconjugation development program

antibody1Bioconjugate Development

GreenLight’s services are customised to accelerate the selection of the optimal bioconjugate and ADC candidates for your target of interest. Different conjugates can be assessed side by side for efficacy allowing the ability to screen and rank multiple product candidates to optimise your product. Read more >>>

antibody1Bioconjugation Process Development and Scale-up

An experienced team of process, analytical and manufacturing chemists aim to improve yield and maximise quality with optimisation of each step in the upstream and downstream process. Read more >>>

antibody3Bioconjugate Manufacturing

GreenLight’s dedicated facility in Bristol, PA, USA is designed to carry out non-GMP and GMP manufacturing of bioconjugates and antibody drug conjugates in recently upgraded facilities. Read more >>>

antibody4Bioconjugate Analysis and Characterisation

GreenLight’s state of the art labs are equipped with an array of analytical and preparative HPLC instruments and columns allowing for the most difficult separations. This, in conjunction with LC/MS and MALDI-ToF mass spectrometers and 500-MHz and 300-Mhz NMR spectrometers, gives the capability to offer clients valuable and reliable analytical services. The continuous addition of instrumentation allows a seamless and uninterrupted operation.  Read more >>>

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